Stuffed Animal Clothes
Hi,  I am Shereen and I am 11 years old. 
I made stuffed animal clothes when I was 9.
It was my first web site. I hope you like it.
Here you see “Fuzzy” with a
cute princess crown. I got Fuzzy
on my birthday and she came
with a crown.
This is “Burberry”. He is an
Ottawa Senators Fan and
wants to show off his sens
You’re looking at “Princess”, a
loveable cute puppy with a
sun hat for hot summer days.
“Cuddles” is getting married
and this is her wedding dress.
doesn’t she look pretty?
This is my favorite stuffed
animal and her name is
“Sugar”. She likes fashion
and jewelry.
You’re looking at “Dolphy”.
He is a baby dolphin and
he can swim really fast.   
This is “whiskers” the cat.
She loves the color brown
and in this dress she’s ready
for a party.
This is also a cat and her
name is “Roxy”. She’s wearing
a long green shawl.
“Cotton Candy” is a bunny and
she loves swimming and this
is her new swimsuit.
“Misty Pup” is my last
stuffed animal showing off
her classy party dress.
This is Snowball with her cute
purple skirt and a red bow tie.
She’s getting ready for a party!
This is my pet dog “Honey”.
She’s going to a ballroom dance.
“Browny” is wearing a nice
Pink dress with a sunhat.
Cuddles is preparing for Halloween.
Do you like her devil costume?
Burberry is in a ballerina suit.
She’s on her way to the ballet recital.
This is “Buddy Bud” my largest
Stuffed Animal. He’s wearing my dad’s
Shirt and sunglasses.
Husky has just received his new
Yellow belt in karate.
This is professor doggy pants.
He’s discovering germs under his
This is my cute teddy bear Cherry
Bear. He is wearing a king belt and
This is my brother’s stuffed animal.
His name is “Pandy’ and he’s wearing
Giant socks.
I hope you liked my stuffed animal clothes and please
visit my website again for new updates. Thanks for
2011 ©  All Rights Reserved.